LIFE IN USSR 55. Soviet humor and anecdotes. Part 3

According to the Soviet anthem, USSR was the fortress of friendship between the nations. Well, let’s take a look at the anecdotes about Russians, Ukrainians and other nations of the Soviet Union.

Soviet “Gazirovka” pop machine.

So… this is how Soviet people used to kiss the whole neighborhood – by drinking sweet pop “Gazirovka” from the communal glass. After having a drink you just place the glass upside down into special washing fountain spot as you can see on this picture. By pushing the glass down, you activate quick called water spray. The glass is ready to go! )))


The cost of having a glass of “gazirovka” without the lemon flavor syrup was just one kopeck like this one:


If you want a drink with some syrup….


you will need a coin like this:


Amazingly, for years Soviet people used this system without any concerns to get sick or something by using communal glasses. Also, randomly those got stolen. But with hard times rolling in in early 90-s, glasses started to disappear. The solution was quite impressive:


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