Hello, comrades!

Hello, comrades!
My name is Sergei. I was born in the USSR in 1971.
Since 1999 I live in the USA.
Ushanka Show channel was created to share stories as well as my own memories about everyday life in the USSR.
You can support this project here: https://www.patreon.com/sputnikoffwith monthly donations
Support for this channel via PAYPAL: paypal.me/ushankashow

youtube https://clck.ru/D8M9a
patreon https://clck.ru/D8MA3
twitter https://clck.ru/D8MAK
facebook https://clck.ru/D8MAm
G+ https://clck.ru/D8MAs
instagram https://clck.ru/D8MB8

One thought on “Hello, comrades!”

  1. Hello Shapka Ushanka, I love your show! I was also born in 1971 and have always been fascinated about what happened on ‘the other side’. I started learning Russian two years ago. I visited Saint Petersburg twice and will definitely visit Russia again. I compare Russia with a diamond. Real diamonds found in nature often look ugly, but they are real. The West I compare with a piece of glass, it is very shiny but not very valuable. I feel some real soul in Russians that I feel is missing in western society. I will continue watching all your shows!


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