Comrades, welcome to the Ushanka Show!

Privet! Hello, and thank you for stopping by!  If you are interested in such topics as USSR,

life in Soviet Union and its former republics – Russia, Ukraine, Belarus – well, you are at the right place!

Along with Ushanka Show video channel on Youtube

we are going to cover a lot of interesting topics about life of ordinary people in the USSR.scale 3Ushanka Show on Youtube


One thought on “Comrades, welcome to the Ushanka Show!”

  1. Priviet!,

    I enjoy seeing your show on youtube. I have a question, would you say people identified themselves more with being Soviet citizens or more with being citizens of their S.S.R? Also, were there a variety of racrs in the U.S.S.R? Were there Asian or dark skin Soviet citizens? Were they treated differently?


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